Our Coaches Team


Javier Garcia


Energetic & longevity biohacking

Healthspan and energy expert

Energy is mandatory to achieve anything you want in life: Happyness, health, fitness, beauty, longevity, family, personal development, business goals, relationships, emotional life. Let´s get conscious about how you create energy, and how you spend it, so you can optimize all areas of your life. Feeling energetic creates the environment to thrive in any area of your life.


Joshua Rundquist


Energy & longevity biohacking

I help professionals achieve peak performance through Biohacking.

I combine over six years of experience and seven certifications in the health, wellness and fitness industries to merge ancestral wisdom with modern science to coach you to a completely upgraded body, mind and spirit.


Sharone Sapir


Achieve lasting weight loss and a better quality of life!

Hi! I'm Sharone, an online Nutritionist with a Master's of Science in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. I help you fix your relationship with food while optimizing your health and reaching your weight loss goals. I take an individualized approach with each person - your food preferences and schedule is different from everyone else's! Once I understand your unique situation, I work with you to implement an approach that gets you to your goals!