Why Omega 3 are important?

Omega 3 are crucial for your health. Omega 3 are essential fatty acids. It means, we need to get them from dietary food.  


Are part of the cell membrane, we need it to maintain cells.

Reduce inflammation, the main cause of disease. Also reducing inflammation helps your muscle recovery.

Recovery from athletic performance.

Increase in protein synthesis.

Brain function, supporting memory consolidation.

Reduces Beta-amyloid, the component of amyloid plaques found in the brain of Alzheimer patients.

Reduce cancer risk, colon, and prostate.

Reverse heart disease.

Weight loss, fatty acids mobilization.


DHA: Brain & heart. It's like food for the brain. It helps memory consolidation.

EPA: Heart, & inflammation. 

ALA: Brain, Heart, & inflammation ( found in seeds and walnuts).

Best sources: 

Fish: wild salmon, krill oil, sardines

Seeds: Chia, hemp



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