What´s the best diet for me?

To manage our metabolism, we should not be pigeonhole into a particular type of diet, but see the different styles of diet as resources to manage our metabolism, pigeon-holing within a diet may restrict or limit certain foods that may be beneficial or may limit our style. of life.

Knowing the nutrients that are beneficial to our body, the antinutrients to avoid and the requirements of our metabolism depending on the time of day, our physical and mental activity, maybe a simpler approach, which will allow us to move with more freedom.

Therefore, depending on the above there may be moments of the week suitable for vegetarian, low carbohydrate, or ketogenic meals. Each style of diet can offer us some benefits, thus, a ketogenic diet is more indicated to burn fat, obtain greater mental clarity, anti-inflammatory effects and longevity for example. A vegetarian recipe can help us alkalize our body, recharge minerals and vitamins, facilitate digestion by not having animal protein, etc.

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