Upgrade your recipes, go back to origin

Have you realized that our metabolism is ancestral?

Our metabolism evolution is going slower than the progress and evolution in modern life.

Are you aware of this tiny detail?

We still haven't evolved to digest lactose, grains and some antinutrients that modern life has brought to us such mercury in fish, antibiotics, and hormones in meat or pesticides and herbicides in vegetables and fruits and excess of sugar and refined carbohydrates in processed foods.

During the last century, evolution has brought huge progress in history, but those changes have to be digested for us:

Process food: Excess of sugar and grains.

Modern" agriculture and cattle raising: Pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and hormones.

Modern jobs: Sedentarism

Electricity: The excess of light during night time damages our night rest.

Maybe is time to get conscious about those changes and select which of them we want to have in our biology.   Do you want to run your society software version or are you ready to UPGRADE the latest version of yourself? 

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