Reasons to change

As in every process of change, there is a mental part, mentally we have to plan this change in 3 phases:

Eliminate limiting beliefs: We console ourselves with the fact that everyone has similar habits or it is normal to be overweight, or it is my genetic. For most, eating exceptionally and planning nutrition is a SHOULD, when an It must be a MUST.

2. Have reasons to make this change. They are multiple and very powerful:

Increase our energy level → health → wellness → happiness

Identity, having the physical appearance we want, like. 

To have the energy to do everything we want every day in our life. Energy affects how we feel, how we feel affects how we behave with others, how we behave with others affects how others behave with us.

3. Vision: The difference between people who achieve more progress in life and those who do not, is that while some are capable of generating a vision of motivating and exciting, others live in the past managed by the subconscious, which only works from past events.

Fear is the main boundary In generating a vision, the difference between people who get what they want and those who do not is that in the face of difficulties, they both feel fear, but some fear paralyzes them and others continue to move forward.

4. Decide, detail and plan your strategy.

Build your habits, then your habits will build you.

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