Keto diet benefits

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is a diet based on an intake of healthy fats:

The ketogenic diet prevents the most common causes of death such as cancerneurodegenerative diseases, diseases related to overweight, diabetes and heart disease.

Our body can generate energy from 2 sources as well as a hybrid vehicle: 

From carbohydrates transformed into glycogen and stored in our liver and muscles, 

or from dietary fats or stored in adipose tissue.

Our first source of energy is the blood glucose and glycogen stored in the liver and muscles. When liver glycogen levels decrease after a prolonged fast, our body is in a better situation to burn fat, since our body detects that levels are running low and tries to look for alternative sources of energy. In this situation the ketogenic diet (75, -80% fats) makes our body use fats as the first source of energy, combining fats and fats from our own reserves if the caloric intake is lower than the caloric requirements.

With this type of diet, we recover in our body the ancestral metabolism that we continue to maintain in our DNA for the use of fats as fuel. Our ancestors had no refrigerators, pantries or restaurants to consume when they felt hungry, but they stored energy in the form of fats when they hunted, and they worked with fats as an energy source until the next hunt. The goal of this diet is to train this metabolic flexibility so that our body is again efficient in burning fat.

Benefits of the ketogenic diet:

Increase fat burning and improve the efficiency of this mechanism.

Reduces inflammation, due to the reduction in the production of free radicals. The generation of free radicals is a natural process in the process of generating energy, however, when we generate energy from ketone bodies and not glycogen, the production of free radicals is 30% lower.

Increase energy by obtaining energy with the second motor of our mitochondria.

Increase the longevity of our cells, by also working with this second source of energy.

Reduces the level of blood sugar which in addition to reducing blood glucose, prevents diabetes and improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic syndrome.

Improves the condition of the skin

Reduces insulin and increases the presence of antagonistic hormones such as testosterone or growth hormone, or glucagon

Greater mental clarity by avoiding sugar spikes and the subsequent hypoglycemia, reducing inflammation in our brain. In addition, our brain is mainly made up of fats, they are the raw material of our brain, so the healthy fats of the ketogenic diet (avocado, omega 3, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, contribute to our brain the materials bonuses for its good maintenance.

Prevents neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Reduces the risk of most cancer since the ketone bodies generated from fats as an energy source does not feed cancer cells, unlike glucose.

Reduces appetite, sugar acts like a drug in our brain creating addiction.


Monitor the intake of minerals in the diet, since the reduction of carbohydrates may be deficits of some minerals such as sodium, or potassium if the diet is not balanced. 


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