How to calculate your metabolism

Our metabolism determines the speed with which we consume energy. Firstly, our metabolism is determined by our person, that is, sex, age, weight and height, this determines our energy consumption at rest, it is the energy that our body needs to perform its functions.

From here, our consumption rises with the physical and mental activity we perform, in addition to the digestive process, where we require around 10% of the calories ingested.

Our brain requires approximately 20% of the total caloric intake so that high brain activity or stressful thoughts increase energy consumption.

Physical activity increases our basal metabolism (resting), so:

walking increases our caloric requirement by 5 times

work out 8 times

running at sustainable speed 10 times

running on time 5k, 15 times

or sprinting 30 times.

Calculating our basal metabolic rate, consumption at rest, with the Harris-Benedict formula, allows us to know what are the minimum daily requirements that our body needs. In this same way, we can have hourly consumption and consumption per minute.

With the consumption per minute, we can plan the energy consumption of a certain activity, multiplying our basal metabolic rate per minute, by the coefficient of the activity and the number of minutes of activity.

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