How to build a weekly plan

For the construction of the weekly plan, we only have to select daily menus for each day of the week, with this we will have our complete weekly plan and the report of the shopping list will be generated, where we will have all the quantities that we need throughout the week, saving time and money. 

In the construction of the weekly plan we can make adaptations to our physical activity every day of the week, so the days of greater physical activity we can adapt the calories and increase them, and decrease on rest days. 

This adjustment will depend on what our goal is in terms of fat loss or an increase in muscle mass. Thus increasing the intake on the days of training and post-training helps muscle building.

You can also plan the calories from the weekly total, being able to plan days with "cheat meal", where we make a meal with a higher caloric load, or fasting days, where we obtain the benefits of an intermittent fast or a 24 hours fasting, reducing calories in the weekly calculation and obtaining the benefits of fasting as reduction of inflammation and autophagy, or stem cells regeneration as primary benefits.

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