Diet to prevent and combat cancer

The origin of cancer is cellular aging. We all have tumor cells growing every day with us. This aging causes the cells of an organ to stop doing the functions they have entrusted, and each time more cells are carcinogenic.

Cellular aging is related to all the factors of our lifestyle that generate stress in the cells. As far as food is concerned, everything that generates inflammation deteriorates our cells. Inflammation is a temporary mechanism of our body to heal, however, it is not thought to be activated permanently, chronic inflammation. Excess sugar, high glycemic loads, toxins and intolerances produce inflammation, which when produced consistently becomes chronic inflammation.

Sugars, cereals, mainly refined ones, and these polyunsaturated vegetable oils produce inflammation, oxidation, accelerate aging and increase the probability of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to fighting cancer with food, in addition to preventing inflammation, we know that most cancer cells feed on glucose but not on ketone bodies, which are the molecules generated by our body to produce energy from fats, whether they are from our diet or from our own reserves.

The ketogenic diet, 75%, 80% fats, makes our body use fats as its main energy source, not feeding the cancer cells in this case.

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