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To what extent do you consider it important to plan your nutrition as you do with your finances or your agenda?

The act of planning, thinking ahead of time about something that we are going to do in the future, helps to carry out that task better. We invest the necessary time so that when the time comes we have the necessary resources. In addition, we plan what we consider important, so to consider our food important is the first step.

Would you like to know if your meals are balanced?

Feed us is a habit that we do about 3 times a day, more than 1,000 times at the end of the year. Help our body to obtain the nutrients it needs every day to ensure that our body can perform the energy function (have an optimal level of energy), and structural function (use nutrients as materials to rebuild cells and perform vital functions ) Seems like a good idea.

Do you agree that just as we update our mobile software or our apps, we should also update our recipes and our habits?

Every day the change happens at a faster rate, the diffusion of the knowledge is more and faster, so the new advances in the investigations are more and more fast to the access of all. In addition to the knowledge that we have already acquired thanks to our ancestors, we must take advantage of the possibilities of reaching faster than ever in history, the advances in research.

Plan my nutrition and eat in an extraordinary way every day, it's for you:

It's a SHOULD (something we should do) It's a MUST (something we have to do if or if) The habit of eating well consistently generates results in the short, medium and long term. Our metabolism, like everything, requires changes and rotations in food, calories consumed daily, fasting, ..., simply become aware of your habits

Do you consider that our energy, physical appearance, and health have more to do with your genetics or with your daily habits and lifestyle?

Obviously we all have a more favorable or unfavorable genetics, however, with our habits and lifestyle, they influence much more than we think, affecting the expression of our genes through "epigenetics", the study of mechanisms that regulate gene expression according to our lifestyle (feeding, rest, exercise, stress, pollution, ...)

Do you believe in you? Do you think you can transform your body?

Of course, we can all change our body, it's a matter of speed. Each person depending on their circumstances, perseverance and above all knowledge, we can make changes at a greater or lesser speed.

Can you imagine that simply changing your diet could set the basis for attracting everything you want in life?

The expression "we are what we eat" reflects the idea that food affects:

Our energy, affecting this to the feeling of being tired, heavy, rested, energetic, ... Our physique, all our cells are built of protein and fat! and they need to repair themselves daily from the damages suffered Emotions: In addition to feeling tired or energetic, more comfortable or uncomfortable with our physical appearance, food affects neurotransmitters, such as serotonin that generates a sense of well-being. Hormones are made up of fats or proteins. It seems clear that having positive emotions, feeling good about ourselves, can contribute in a decisive way to the way we face each day and relate to others.

Do you think that your batteries can work in a similar way to a mobile phone in terms of the daily duration and the life of it?

Not only eating a balanced diet affect the energy function and we feel more or less energetic, but like our mobile phone, depending on the care we have of our batteries, will have a greater or lesser life in fullness.

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