save time, add more value to your clients

  • Automate sales. Sell your services easily. Synchronize your agenda with your clients.

  • Increase your sales: Sell your info products (video courses and books)

  • Get leads from beingenergy.

  • Get 30% commissions from your client´s subscriptions to app

  • Access to beingenergy webapp to create your recipes, and personalize them for your clients.

  • Be part of the beingenergy coaches community.

Services you can provide

be productive

  • Online coaching 1 session

  • Coaching program: Package of any lessons you consider appropriate to help your client get results.: 5, 10, 15 sessions,...

  • Info products like videos or books.

How it works


  • 1. Register and define your services. 

  • 2. Your product is approved and uploaded to the website.

  • 3. As your google email is synchronized with the agenda in your profile in, the clients hire your services choosing available time in your agenda.

  • 4. A notification email and a client's relevant information is sent to you.

  • 5. Beingenergy keeps the client's payment.

  • 6. You provide the service in the appointment just by reaching your client in a room in where your client can access easily without any installation from a computer or mobile.

  • 7. Being energy transfers weekly payments from last week services.

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